finishedMaster ThesisAquaculture Land Based salmon smolt Innovation sustainability

A study on responsible innovation and sustainable development in the aquaculture industry in Western Norway

January 2020 - June 2020

Project Summary

Today, there is a lot of expectations considering how firms in the aquaculture industry are handling challenges associated with sustainability. There has been experienced great growth in the aquaculture industry these last years, which has resulted in numerous environmental challenges. This has led to the industry having to be restructured and developed more sustainably. Three research questions were designed in which concerns firms work on sustainability, drivers and barriers and how the aquaculture industry uses responsible innovation for a more sustainable development. To elucidate the research questions, semi-structured interviews were conducted with nine companies covering different parts of the value chain in the aquaculture industry. Sustainable development is a concept that is becoming increasingly integrated with companies, where they must take into account the relationship between economy, society and the environment, which we refer to in this paper as the triple bottom line. It is about economic, environmental and social sustainability. Social sustainability is highlighted during research on Corprate Social Responsibilty (CSR). CSR is about taking responsibility for the company's impact on society, and throughout the analysis, we see an increasing focus with the companies, and that innovation is an important part of their development. Several factors drives the companies to work with innovation and sustainable development, both at firm level and system level agency, but they will also face several obstacles that make their work more difficult. In order for the development of companies to be sustainable and to safeguard the three bottom lines, responsible innovations will meet an important contribution. Responsible innovation is about taking care of the future through innovation and the triple bottom line. We also see a tendency for companies in the industry to increasingly emphasize the economic, environmental, and social bottom line.