Student's Corner

join the students corner during the Aqkva-conference 16th of January 2020

Show off your hard work to the aquaculture industry

Are you a student and do you plan or are in the process of writing a thesis related to the aquaculture industry? Through the KABIS project, HVL Mohn Center, NCE Seafood and IHS we give 20 students the opportunity to show their master or bachelor thesis at the Aqkva conference 2020.

Every student will receive an A3 template to be filled out with information about ongoing or planned master or bachelor project. If you feel like this is something for you, please dont hesitate about filling out the form below and we will contact you with more details.

Who are you?

  • Student at a master or bachelor level at a norwegian university
  • You are writing, or have started to write, a thesis related to the aquaculture industry.
  • ...or you've got a business idea related to the aquaculture industry.

What do you get?

  • You join the "Best Poster" competition where the willer will receive kr 10.000,-
  • The conference fee and dinner will be paid for and completely free (value: kr 4433,75,-)
  • You get the chance to present your work at Norway's largest aquaculture conference.
  • You will meet industry players from the whole industry and have the opportunity to create a valuable network.

Apply to participate

  1. In the application form below you will register who you are and where you study.
  2. You will fill out a summary of the project you wish to present at the conference. Problem statement, method, results and conlusion are all relevant summary details, depending on your project's status.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with more details and a link to previous year's posters.
  4. We will notify the selected participants in December.

Students Corner Application Form

Type of application

Give a short summary of the project. include problem statmenet, mehotds and (if applicable) preliminary results. If you are applying with a business idea, please describe the problem, how you will solve it and how far along you are.

I would like to attend the free dinner