in progressPhDAquaculture salmon cell-based seafood

The dynamism of Salmon Farming Production Systems – toward a coherent understanding of territory, technology and multi-scalarity

January 2020 - December 2023

Project Summary

The theoretical ambitions of this Ph.D. project is to develop a framework for understanding technology development, investment and policy dynamism in the in a multiscalar industry, through a novel theoretical framework combining the literature on evolutionary economic geography (EEG), technological innovation systems (TIS) and global innovation systems (GIS). The chosen frameworks complement each other as EEG has a clear territorial focus and contextual understanding while TIS has a technological focus that is less spatially constrained but with a lacking contextual embeddedness (e.g. Coenen et al., 2012). Recent research into multiscalar institutional environments described in MacKinnon et al. (2019) have started to broaden the scope Through the introduction of the GIS framework in Binz and Truffer, (2018) we seek to form a comprehensive framework where territorial embeddedness, technological specifics and multi-scalarity are combined in an analysis of the global oriented seafood industry. The practical ambitions of this thesis is to compare several seafood production systems in the light of a general globalization of an industry, thus there is a need to study the interactions and connections to understand production,innovation and investment strategies in the seafood industry. The proposed GIS, TIS and EEG framework provide the means to study the seafood industry as a network of institutions and actors involved in creating knowledge, market access, technological legitimacy and financial investments (Binz and Truffer, 2018).